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Let me introduce myself

I am Sarandei, I have been known by another name in this life though it’s clear that as my purpose has so radically changed like triple 360’s so must the monika accompanying it

Such has come the area of service I offer at EARTHEAVEN, the vessel I created to make that which I have transcended in this life available to help others improve theirs

The logistics are that I am a Reiki Master with over 20 years experience and am now an accredited Master Level NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™️ Practitioner and Lifecoach

With specialties including Therapeutic Art Coaching, also adept in Intuitive Energetic Healing and Wellness/Low-Tox Living

A Lifetime of Lived Experience and transmutation of Emotional Alchemy as well as Visual Artist in Fine Arts

Also overcoming many serious personal challenges including trauma and addiction, birthing true passion to share my healing.

My Mission: the event that I make everything I have gone through worthwhile, the many talents I have utilised, and the vast life experience and studies undertaken fit for transmission straight to whoever needs it

Ascension Programme

EARTHEAVEN’s 8 week Ascension Programme is a grounded and directed immersion for 1:1 clients with Sarandei. You will receive a tailored service with a Master Reiki Treatment to activate and ground your Lightbody, connection to your highest self through Hypnotherapy, clean-up and reprogramming with Master Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy™️ to your highest trajectory, and producing your own Artwork marking your sacred transition

Ascension and Eartheaven

Long ago I was shown a pathway — a vision — over 22 years ago, before I even knew I could be a mother

My vision for an elevated world of conscious harmonic symbiosis between nature and clean technology came in my twenties, during which time I had no clue of the journey ahead, and was somewhat derailed from either of these concepts

My life held this vision as a dream while I forged through the fires of issues I felt were inescapable — single parenting, in and out of unresourceful lifestyle choices and the darkness of ignorance and suffering

At times it seemed this dream was lost.

Though was it really a dream?

My motherhood,
this vision,
my spiritual development
and my artwork
were what brought me through those “lost” decades


The vision has strength and testimony to it

I can sense all around me like seeds cracking under the cold hard damp earth which, when ripened, both seed and sunlight draw closer the vision for new life

For this purpose EARTHEAVEN was born and has sustained

Thoroughly, for the children, and those who feel it, at any age

We get to rise together, seeds cracked open from a formidable Winter’s heavy transmutation

Let us rejoice through the tears of the cycles completion and beginning


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